About the Event

On the 11th and 15th of February 2023 the Big Six Youth Organizations, supported by the World Health Organization and United Nations Foundation, hosted a collective of virtual events to celebrate youth-led action supported by the Global Youth Mobilization (GYM) over the last 2 years.

During this key moment we reflected on the impact from the young people leading youth-led solutions, to the health and societal negative effects created by the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst taking stock of the challenges they continue to face in their work.

The virtual events brought together leaders and experts in conversations with young advocates and change-makers to chart a roadmap for the future of global youth-led solutions!

Unstoppable Together

Our celebration virtual sessions!

As young people are vital to the success of the Global Youth Mobilization (GYM), the festivities began with an in-depth roundtable discussion with youth leaders and advocates on 11 February 2023. The roundtable was then followed by the main event on 15 February 2023, as we covered the highlights, impact and reach of the GYM to date! And lastly, we heard from the young people leading youth-led solutions around the world through a series of exciting thematic project showcases!

Find out more about the virtual events, our exciting speakers and the official programme below.

The Young decision-makers driving youth-led solutions

11 February 2023

A roundtable discussion with the Global Youth Mobilization’s Youth Board Representatives, Youth Panellists and funded project awardees from around the world, reflecting on the importance of youth leadership, decision-making and advocacy to address the needs of young people during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Youth Mobilization – Main Event

15 February 2023

A high-level virtual event celebrating 2 years of youth-led global action.

The event showcased the impact of youth-led solutions, reflected on the Big Six and wider partnership model, and discussed lessons learnt to inform and support youth financing models globally.

Youth-led solutions project showcase

15 February 2023

A showcase of diverse and innovative youth-led solutions from across GYM’s three core pillars – National Projects, Local Solutions and the Accelerator Programme.

Projects shared their insights and reflections from engaging and supporting young people across various thematic areas in their communities.