Change through the Big Six Networks

Driving Change through the Big Six

The networks of the Big Six youth organisations actively engage 250 million young people and collectively reach young people in over 200 countries and territories through youth-friendly infrastructures, presence in local communities and awareness of local contexts (with volunteers speaking local languages), providing platforms for advocacy and opportunities for capacity building. 

Through the Big Six Networks Call, an individual young person or groups of young people through or together with their local branch or National Organisation can submit ideas to create/co-create, lead/co-lead and or implement solutions tackling a challenge in their local communities and contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

"Youth leaders participating in Big Six network activities"
"Youth leaders participating in Big Six network activities"
Youth leaders participating in Big Six network activities- hand-sanitizer

Why Youth-led Network Solutions

  • Youth-led solutions through the Big Six networks call can reach more young people through its collective grassroots, community-based reach of more than 250 million young people.

  • The Big Six are uniquely placed to reach young people in their diversity, particularly young people in situations of vulnerability or from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, or youth that face challenges related to gender equality and young people with a disability. 

  • Young people at the grassroots are supported offline, by national organisations of the Big Six and their local branches, and far-reaching established volunteer networks in communities, to not only access funding for their ideas but to build their capacity to implement local solutions and receive accompaniment in the process.

  • The Big Six are embedded in local communities around the world, today, tomorrow, and for years to come, supporting the sustainability of youth-led solutions.

  • The Big Six have established structures and networks, built over time, trust and cooperation with communities, and partners and are well known/recognised by young people themselves.