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“Intergenerational Solidarity Is the Future” – International Youth Day Blog Post

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people have seen rise in challenges that not only has immediate effects but also impacts their futures. Despite these challenges, one thing remains fundamentally true, young people, globally, continue to show their initiative and support to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic.

International Youth Day 2022

This year’s theme for International Youth Day is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages”, which will be commemorated on Friday, 12 August 2022. This theme aims to address raise awareness on the barriers of ageism and how it impacts both young and old people. As young people are at the forefront of the pandemic it is paramount that they are given us access to and part of global development strategies and mechanisms.

GYM wins prestigious Communique Award for Excellence in Healthcare Partnerships

On 7 July 2022, the Global Youth Mobilization (GYM), powered by the Big 6 Youth Organisations*, won the Excellence in Healthcare Partnerships award at the prestigious Communique Awards in London, UK. The Communique Awards celebrate the best work in healthcare initiatives and communications that achieve results and deliver successful campaigns in the healthcare sector.

We are commissioning an external evaluation of our project – can you help?

The Global Youth Mobilization (GYM) is commissioning an external evaluation to review the achievements, impact, effectiveness and efficiency of the activities and operational collaboration between the Big 6 Youth Organisations completed throughout the GYM project.

GYM and Big Six at Stockholm+50

Hosted by GYM and the Big Six, join us for this side event, Powering Change: Young People Leading the COVID-19 Response and Recovery, at Stockholm+50. The session will include a panel of young people to showcase youth-led solutions in their communities and will include a discussion with youth policy development practitioners and policy makers on lessons learned since our start in 2020.


GENEVA, 13 May 2022. Today CEOs and youth leaders from the Big Six Youth Organizations met with leaders from the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss the role of young people in leading COVID-19 response and recovery efforts and agree on a ground-breaking strategic partnership and collaboration of engaging young people in future health related crises.

We are hiring! Senior Programme Manager

Want to support young people to overcome the impact of the COVID19 pandemic? Got experience in grant management, programme development and big ideas for how to generate change? The Global Youth Mobilization (GYM) is hiring a Senior Programme Manager to join our core project team. See below all the details – apply by Sunday 15 May 2022!

For Youth, By Youth

GYM Welcomes New Local Solutions Youth Panellists! As decision making by young people for young people is at the heart of the Global Youth Mobilization (GYM), we are happy to announce that we have selected a new group of youth panellists in February 2022.

Nuevas oportunidades para proyectos ideados por jóvenes

Las soluciones lideradas por los jóvenes para la recuperación de la pandemia están en el centro de Global Youth Mobilization, la cual está invirtiendo más de 2 millones de dólares en ideas potentes que incidan en la vida de los jóvenes: en sus ideas, sus soluciones creativas y su futuro.

Powering Change – GYM Youth Webinar Series

To support the launch of our new impact report, “Powering Change: Young People Leading the COVID-19 Response and Recovery”, GYM is hosting a series of webinars to share insights from the report and discuss lessons learned.