Project Name
WoW – Wheels of Wisdom

Name of Organisation
Grow Your Reader


Number of young people

0 00

Number of beneficiaries

0 00000

The Project
The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the pre-existing education disparities that have reduced opportunities for may vulnerable children and young people. To support continued learning Wow – Wheels of Wisdom in Bengali, Bangladesh makes use of 3 street vans to provide books and mobile hotspots to students in rural communities. WoW is a newly funded project of the Global Youth Mobilization but has already managed to have an impact on their local communities.

A major part of the project is to train the van drivers to serve as librarians by teaching them how to manage and operate a library and how to safely interact with children. The librarians are also provided with a driving schedule to maximise their presence in various communities. To date WoW has managed to distribute over 5 600 books to 4 300 children and has provided them with more than 21 000 hours of internet access from their mobile hotspots.