Project Name
Ambassadors for Community Safety against COVID-19

Name of Organisation
West Africa for Peace Foundation (WACPF)


Number of young people

0 000

Number of beneficiaries

0 0000

The Project
The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation (WACPF) has implemented a peer-to-peer learning programme that seeks to empower and inform young people, from 12 -18 years old, who are selected from schools and communities to be trained as “Ambassadors”. These Ambassadors, who are educated on COVID-19 protection measures and provided with preventive kits, inclusive of masks and hand sanitizers, are sent out to their communities to champion a trickle-down process of information from WACPF through young people to older generations who are still in denial of the severity of the pandemic. Through this initiative WACPF hopes to provide the appropriate information and debunk myths on the virus and vaccines to help communities to stay safe to undertake economic activities for growth.