Project Name
Smallholder Poultry Agribusiness Development (SPADE)

Name of Organisation


Number of young people

0 00

Number of beneficiaries

0 000

The Project

Smallholder Poultry Agribusiness Development (SPADE) has the potential to provide food, create decent jobs, increase income, revenue and improved livelihood of smallholders, businesses and local government along its value chains.

SPADE aims to build adaptive capacities of rural poultry smallholders. The project offers training, mentoring and assorted kits to local youth. The trained and mentored youth are then contracted as groups by local schools, hotels, households, companies, governments, banks, organizations and individuals through farming, hatching, and sales of poultry products and by-products (day-old chickens, eggs, meat, and feeds). The groups also buy feeds, vaccines, feeders, incubators, and seek extension services from local veterinary officers.