Project Name
Scouting for balance

Name of Organisation
Polish Scouting and Guiding Association


Number of young people

0 000

Number of beneficiaries

0 0000

The Project
Polish Scouting and Guiding Association has implemented a project to combat the psychological and effects of the pandemic by building a psychological support for young people. Supported by a team of psychologists and educators, the project aims to address the needs of their participants through workshops in their local communities.

Under the name “Scouting for balance”, with the support of the World Association of Girls Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and funded by the Global Youth Mobilization, project leads have provided workshops to train 100 young girls, women and men on the skills necessary to build on an provide psychological support to their wider networks.

Through this training participants will have higher confidence in openness and awareness when working in the field to highlight the importance and benefits of mental health in their communities. This youth-led initiative was further supported by the development of a “Psychological First Aid Kit” to be used by members to address the needs of their constituents.

This project is part of the Big Six