Project Name
COVID-19 response and awareness creation

Name of Organisation
Baraco Foundation

Number of young people

0 00

Number of beneficiaries

0 0000

The Project

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic many young people faced uncertainty for the future of their overall health and wellbeing. To address these challenges the COVID-19 Response and Awareness Creation Project worked to curb the spread of the virus by creating a series of sensitization and training workshops for 20 youth leaders from 5 villages in the Mbozi district to combat misinformation, raise awareness on protection and prevention measures and increase vaccine uptake in their communities. 

Through youth-led protection and prevention classes, the project reached 5 rural schools in Nambinzo, by providing hand washing stations and sanitizers. Students were provided with information on how to best protect themselves from the spread of the pandemic and were encouraged to get the vaccine. At the end of its implementation the project had provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), promoted healthier hygiene practices according to the WHO guidelines, to over 2000 community beneficiaries.