The Young Decision-Makers Driving Youth-Led Solutions

In the lead up to the main virtual events on 15 February 2023, this roundtable discussion, developed and facilitated by GYM Youth Board Representatives and Youth Panellists, will be an opportunity for the young people driving the GYM to share experiences, amplify voices, and enable connections to be made across the 500+ young people directly awarded or engaged through GYM.

Moderator & Speakers

Welcome and Introduction
Introduction to the GYM Virtual Events and upcoming events during the week.
Introduction to the panellists and project speakers.
Project Speakers’ Presentation
A brief overview of activities from youth-led solutions from Indonesia and Uganda.
Plenary Roundtable Discussion
A discussion on the importance of youth-led advocacy and the need for continued intergenerational dialogue and cooperation.
2023 and Beyond
In this segment of the roundtable, panellists will discuss the future of youth-led.
advocacy, addressing the barriers to funding and share ideas for future engagements and opportunities.

Guest Speakers

Q & A

We want to hear from you!

Are you a youth advocate or a young person leading activities in your community to address societal issues and challenges? We would like to hear your voice and thoughts on the future of youth-led advocacy to address global issues.

Use the link below to give us your feedback and answers to various poll questions and a word cloud.